Premier Cardiovascular Institute of Wisconsin
Premier Cardiovascular Institute of Wisconsin

Limb Salvage Clinic

At the Premier Cardiovascular Institute of Wisconsin, our limb salvage clinic helps patients with a lack of blood flow in their legs, called chronic limb ischemia or acute limb ischemia. This condition is usually caused by blockage to the arteries in the lower limbs that builds up over time, also called atherosclerosis

Chronic limb ischemia can be caused by injury or disease, such as diabetes or peripheral artery disease (PAD). Lack of blood flow to your legs can cause difficulty walking and eventually severe pain, whether you are moving or not.

Treatment for acute limb ischemia includes thrombolytic therapy, in which medication is injected or delivered by a long, thin tube (catheter) into the blood vessels to break up clots.

Patients with chronic total occlusion (CTO) – a long and complex blockage in the artery – require the skill of a highly experienced interventional cardiologist. Our board-certified endovascular and interventional cardiologist in Milwaukee can restore blood flow and function to your legs with state-of-the-art procedures using the latest in medical technology. Dr. Kokanovic performs minimally invasive procedures that reduce the risks of traditional surgery and result in better outcomes.

For treatment of chronic limb ischemia with CTO, Dr. Kokanovic is trained in the advanced technique of retrograde recanalization in patients for whom traditional procedures are ineffective. He is also experienced in interventions below the knee and small vessel interventions.

The most advanced treatment for limb salvage and restoration of blood flow is available at Premier Cardiovascular Institute of Wisconsin. For an appointment with Dr. Kokanovic, call our office today at (414) 882-3352. We have two convenient locations in Milwaukee.

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